The 2019 BPPA June Masterclass: Conceptual Engineering and Its Consequences in Society


We are delighted to announce that the Department of Philosophical, Anthropological and Film Studies at the University of St Andrews will host one of the BPPA (British Postgraduate Philosophy Association) Masterclasses of 2019. The BPPA June masterclass will focus on the role that certain concepts, and their use in novel ways or their manipulation, plays/has played in shaping our societies. The masterclass is intended to focus the discussion on: i) the process(es) by which manipulating concepts can impact voters/governments/organizations’ decisions, and ii) the role conceptual engineering has played recently (/will play in the near future) in this particular sphere. Broader discussion of the impact that conceptual engineering may or may not have in society will also be encouraged.

About the BPPA Masterclass:

The British Postgraduate Philosophy Association (BPPA) facilitates two Masterclasses each year. Each Masterclass is an opportunity for a group of research postgraduate students to study a chosen topic, under the guidance of leading experts on it, over the course of two full days. The format will involve seminars led by the academics, individual presentations followed by critical discussion, and group work. The Masterclass provides an ideal environment where participants can receive valuable feedback on their research from internationally renowned philosophers and exchange ideas with people working in the same area.

The main aims of the BPPA Masterclass are:
– to promote focused work and development on a particular philosophical topic;
– to promote professional interaction in the postgraduate community.

The 2019 BPPA June Masterclass has received generous support from: