Our keynote speakers



Rachel Sterken is an Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Oslo, where she is co-director of ConceptLab.

Her research centres on philosophy of language and connects to a broad range of issues in metaphysics, philosophy of mind, philosophical logic, social philosophy and developmental psychology.

She has recently worked on:

  • The Routledge Handbook of Social and Political Philosophy of Language, co-edited with Justin Khoo.
  • ‘Generics and Essentialising’ (for The Routledge Handbook of Social and Political Philosophy of Language) in preparation.

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Patrick Greenough is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy, University of St Andrews.

His main research interests are in epistemology, the philosophy of logic, the philosophy of language, metaphilosophy, and mental illness. He is interested in the nature of paradox, vagueness, the liar paradox, indeterminacy, skepticism, knowledge, truth, assertion, context, relativism, time, conceptual engineering, neutralism, and the open future.

He is currently writing two books:

  •     Against Conceptual Engineering.
  •     Knowledge: In Sickness and in Health.

For 2003-4, he was an Arché Research Fellow in the AHRC Project Vagueness: Its Nature and Logic. In 2007-8, he was a Research Fellow in the ARC Epistemic Warrant Project, Australian National University. From 2009-11, he was a Research Fellow at the Centre for Time, University of Sydney. He was a network member for Perspectival Thoughts and Facts (PETAF), 2010-13. He was also the UConn Distinguished Visiting Professor for 2010. He was the co-investigator (with Crispin Wright) for the Leverhulme Project Relativism and Rational Tolerance, University of Aberdeen, 2014-15. Patrick was a visiting research fellow at ConceptLab, University of Oslo, April 23rd – July 2nd 2017.

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Mona Simion is a Lecturer in philosophy at the University of Glasgow, where she is a founding member (with J. Adam Carter and Chris Kelp) of the COGITO epistemology group. She is also a research affiliate at ConceptLab, University of Oslo.

She cares about all things normative. Her research is in epistemology (epistemic norms, social epistemology, knowledge first epistemology), ethics (blame, trust, distributive justice, media ethics), philosophy of language (assertion, conceptual engineering, contextualism) and feminist philosophy (epistemic injustice, gender concepts).

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Kevin Scharp is a Reader at the University of St Andrews where he is also Director of Arché Philosophical Research Centre for Logic, Language, Metaphysics and Epistemology, University of St Andrews as well as a member of  the Centre for Exoplanet Science.

He specialises in Philosophy of Language, Logic, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Science, History of Analytic Philosophy but also has wide interests in Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Philosophy of Mathematics, Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, History of Western Philosophy, and Continental Philosophy.

Recent work includes:

  • The Study of Truth. Oxford: Oxford University Press, under contract.  
  • Semantics for Reasons (with Bryan Weaver). Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming.  
  • Replacing Truth. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013.  352pp.  ISBN: 978-0199653850.
  • “Conceptual Engineering for Truth: Aletheic Properties and New Aletheic Concepts,” invited for a special issue of Synthese on the concept of truth, Jeremy Wyatt and Nikolaj Pedersen (eds.).
  • “Replacing Knowledge,” in a collection on epistemic incoherence edited by Patrick Greenough, forthcoming

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